Prominent Ear Correction (Pinnaplasty)

Some people may feel that their ears are too prominent. This is usually a family trend. Prominent ears may affect a child's confidence at school through being teased, but they can also lead to similar problems later in life.

The most common cause is that the cartilage in the ear is not folded sufficiently, and one ear is often more prominent than the other.

Pinnaplasty Procedure

The procedure is carried out as a day case under either local or general anaesthetic. The shape of the cartilage within the ear is adjusted to create a natural fold and to allow the ear to sit closer to the side of the head. A small scar is left in the groove behind the ear.

Pinnaplasty Recovery

A head bandage is applied to cover the ears and is removed after one week. It is usually possible to go back to school or work within a week.

Pinnaplasty Risks

Possible risks are rare but may include a reaction to anaesthetic, bleeding, infection, wound healing problems, thickened scars, numbness, and asymmetry between the two ears.

Mr Prinsloo will explain how the possible risks will apply to you.

Due to the Data Protection Act etc. our supply of pre/post operative pictures is currently limited.

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"Mr Prinsloo and team, Thank you for the excellent service I received. I am thrilled with the results and wanted to thank you and the whole team for the personable treatment I received."

LJ - April 2008 - Bilateral ear repair

"To Dr Prinsloo and staff, Just a little note to say 'Thank You' for all your hard work and care. I am so pleased with the result, my ears look lovely, thanks again. Best wishes."

SS - January 2008 - Prominent Ear Repair

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