Split Earlobe

Split earlobe is the result of overstretching or ripping of the earlobe by accident.  If you feel it is affecting your appearance you can discuss all the options with Mr Prinsloo.  Most split earlobes can be repaired using surgical repair techniques.

Split Earlobe Procedure

The specific technique for your surgery will be determined by Mr Prinsloo during your consultation.  The surgery is routinely performed under local anaesthetic on an outpatient basis.

Split Earlobe Recovery

After the earlobe repair surgery, small scars on the ears will be red at first, but will fade over time.

Split Earlobe Risks

All the necessary precautions will be taken to minimise any risks.  Risks are the same as for any surgical procedure including: bleeding, infection and scarring.

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Split Earlobe


Earlobe repair is a cosmetic procedure to correct ripped or stretched earlobes.

Who are candidates?

People with a ripped earlobe or where earrings have caught or stretched earlobes and where a person have worn heavy earrings over some time.

Hospital stay

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Mr Prinsloo will take the necessary precautions to minimise the risks associated with surgery. No surgery is risk free and Mr Prinsloo will discuss the potential complications with you during your consultation.

Can the ear be pierced again?

Yes, but you have to wait a minimum of 8 weeks before it can be done again.

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